Pre-Order: Frogdiver 44 Black
Pre-Order: Frogdiver 44 Black
Pre-Order: Frogdiver 44 Black
Pre-Order: Frogdiver 44 Black

Pre-Order: Frogdiver 44 Black

The Frogdiver 44 is available in low quantity. New crown with the symbol of an anchor. Integrated rubber strap included. Pre-order, estimated delivery in June/July.
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Limited offer! Free rubber strap included – select yours:
  • Limited number available
  • Estimated delivery in July
  • 5 year warranty
  • Pay with Klarna (Sweden, split payment available), Paypal or Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • VAT not included for orders outside of EU

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Designed and assembled in Linköping, Sweden
In-house workshop
WOSTEP-certified watchmakers
Spare parts available for all collections
30-day return policy
Personalized online assistance

Material: 316L stainless steel, ceramic insert with Swiss Super LumiNova BGW9 luminous mass.
Dial: Blue or black dial. Integrated mirror for clearer readability of the second and minute hands. Raised BGW9 indice with tritium tube attachment.
Size: 44mm (diameter), 50mm lug-to-lug, 22mm between lugs
Case: MALM Frogdiver 44, 316L stainless steel. 3-part case construction with analogue depth gauge.
Movement: Sellita SW200-1, freq./h 28.800, 26 jewels, 38h reserve.
Crystal: Sapphire glass, perforated for passage of water to depth gauge.
Water resistance: 50 ATM / 500 m / 1696 ft
Bracelet: Steel link in stainless steel (316L) with diver extension, band width 22 mm. Micro adjustment in buckle. Two-tone rubber band available.
Warranty: 5 years


The Frogdiver project started in autumn 2019 as a partnership between MALM and the Swedish Navy's Mine Clearance Divers. Its goal is to create a durable and reliable diver watch. The name "FROGDIVER" refers to "Frogman," a term for naval clearance divers introduced in the Swedish Navy in the 1950s. The number 44 represents both the watch's diameter and the 44th Mine Clearance Division involved in the project.

The FROGDIVER 44, except for its Swiss automatic movement from Sellita, was developed entirely by MALM in collaboration with the divers. The watch features elements from both old and new scuba gear. It is made with high-quality components designed to endure the tough conditions of cold, dark Swedish waters, with carefully selected shapes, colors, and materials.

frogdiver 44 black dial

Capillary tubes are well-known analog depth meters used in diving. They work based on Boyle-Mariotte's law, with no moving parts, consisting of a simple tube open at one end and sealed at the other. As a diver descends, water enters the tube, creating an air bubble that moves with pressure changes. The depth is read by observing the bubble's position on a scale.

The FROGDIVER watch incorporates this design, with a capillary tube and an analog depth gauge built into its solid steel case. Water enters through a hole in the sapphire crystal at the 9 o'clock position, and as the diver descends, the pressure pushes the air bubble clockwise through the tube. A scale connected to the tube shows the current depth. This innovative solution was developed by MALM in collaboration with the Swedish Frogmen.


The FROGDIVER dial is designed for optimal readability in both bright and dark conditions. The dark background provides a strong contrast to the luminescent blue second markers. Twelve raised indices, coated with BGW9, hold custom-made tritium tubes that glow independently of any light source.

The dial also features a thin, circular mirror that improves the visibility of the second and minute hands. This mirror reflects the lume from the tritium tubes and BGW9 indices in low-light conditions.

When using your MALM watch, the watch will be exposed to different types of stresses and strains. Like many other advanced watches and gauges, a very large number of components share a very limited amount of space and like other valuable items you should treat your MALM watch with great care. It is important that you do not expose the watch to unnecessary impacts, chemicals, solvents, hazardous gases, magnetic fields or very cold or hot environments.

The timepiece should be serviced and maintained regularly to work properly. Such services should be performed by MALM or a professional watchmaker for warranty terms to apply. We offer many service options for your watch, from repairing and replacing worn components, pressure testing, resealing, cleaning to polishing, engraving and change dials and more. 

watch comes in an exclusive, custom made wooden watch box with premium, suede interior. It both protects the watch and offers a perfect display. Inside the box you will also find:

- Strap tool
- Warranty & Certificate of Authenticity card
- Manual 
- Watch cloth